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Adam A. Zango contemplates leaving Kannywood amid struggles for ‘peace of mind’


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Adam A. Zango, a well-known actor in the Kannywood industry, recently took to his Instagram page to express his current struggles and the possibility of stepping away from the film industry in search of much-needed peace of mind.

Zango asked on his social media handle, “Please, if I stop anything that has to do with the entertainment industry, would people allow me to have peace of mind?. Sincerely, I want to be happy for at least one week in my life; I can’t longer pretend again.”

Zango added that “I’m going through hell, and I can’t take it anymore.”

Last year, the actor made headlines when he shared a video on social media discussing his tumultuous relationship with his spouse, revealing numerous marital disputes and conflicts.

Reports indicate that the actor’s history of multiple divorces has drawn significant backlash from both fans and fellow artists, tarnishing his public image.

I’m Being Treated For Depression – Actor Adam Zango

Adam A Zango has recently opened up about his battle with depression, which he attributes to his recent separation from his wife. He has bravely decided to seek treatment for this mental health condition.

In April 2023, the marriage between the actor and his wife, Safiyya Umar Chalawa, came to an end after a prolonged period of family discord.

During an interview with the BBC Hausa, Zango candidly discussed his personal challenges, revealing his withdrawal from daily routines and his search for self-reflection.

In a recent address, he discussed the various challenges he encountered, which encompassed clashes with fellow professionals, personal matters, and the misinterpretation of his statements by society.

In a candid admission, he acknowledged that these pressures had caused him to lose focus and grapple with a mental health crisis.

In a recent statement, a prominent figure expressed their struggles within the Kannywood industry, highlighting the immense hardships they have endured. When it comes to expressing opinions, it seems that the voices of many go unnoticed. However, the moment I dare to speak up, it appears that my words are prone to being misinterpreted by certain individuals.

Adam A Zango, Famous Kannywood Actor

“So these things forced me to stay away a little. I had problems with some producers and actors in the industry. I also have problem with my family. These challenges worsen my situation to the extent that I lost focus. I don’t even do or think rightly.

“So instead of me to come online or physically and be misbehaving while depressed, I chose to stay away to recover before bouncing back to continue my activities.

“You know depression is an illness itself which needs a doctor. I have a doctor who counsels me, and this, coupled with prayers from my mother, fans, and myself, helped greatly in my quick recovery.”

Asked about possible reconciliation with his enstranged wife, Zango said, “We still haven’t reconciled, I learnt that she is even about to get married.”

Zango intends to leave Kannywood

As per our investigation team’s findings, Zango has previously expressed his intention to leave Kannywood.

A video surfaced in 2019 where he made a public announcement about his departure from the kannywood industry. This news came as a shock to many, as he had been a prominent figure in the industry. 

Fast forward to 2021, and his decision still stands, leaving fans and industry insiders wondering about his future plans.

A prominent figure in the industry recently announced his departure, citing envy from colleagues as the primary factor behind his decision.

In 2021, Mr. Zango expressed his readiness to leave Kannywood in a statement: “I’m prepared to quit Kannywood in the near future.”

He also recently revealed his intentions to leave the industry if a more promising opportunity were to come his way. This surprising announcement, although unrelated to any feelings of envy, has left many wondering about his future plans.

Mr. Zango’s frequent threats to quit can be linked to the challenges he is encountering in his interactions with colleagues, his personality disorder, and the various other issues he is grappling with.

During a recent interview, Zango openly acknowledged the challenges he faces with certain producers and fellow actors within his industry. He faced challenges within his family and struggled with depression in recent times.

Adam Zango is reportedly facing numerous challenges. There could be a reason behind his recent post.



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